Cheap Health Insurance Plan

Are you looking for a cheap health insurance plan? With all our monthly budgets being stretched to the limit in these tough times, your health insurance is certainly one area where you can save.

Hopefully this special page will give you all the information you need to make some well informed and intelligent decisions about buying the right medical cover for you and your family.

My extensive experience with insurance policies will hopefully help you navigate through the maze of small print that can cost you money...

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dangers Of a Cheap Health Insurance Plan

With the rising costs of virtually every aspect of your monthly expenses its important to cut back wherever you can. One obvious place to slash your monthly expenses is with health insurance. With so many cheap health insurance plans available these days its easy to get seduced into switching to a new plan. Unfortunately many of these plans are not what they seem to be and only when you look really closely will you discover the real differences.

One of the real dangers of a cheap health insurance plan is that it can leave you old in the cold when you need it most. Medical costs are sky-rocketing and with the national Medicare in virtual bankruptcy, its highly unlikely that the state will easy these costs any time soon. If you get diagnosed with a terminal illness or if you are in a serious accident, the medical expenses can cripple you and your family financially.

So, the first thing you need to analyse in a lot of detail is the amount of cover you will get. Look very closely at the exclusions and make sure that even if it’s a cheap health insurance plan that it still provides adequate cover for you and your family. The fine print is often where the real difference in price comes in. If you are unclear about anything in your policy, phone your insurer and ask before you buy it.

One of the next areas of saving is one that health insurance providers often gravitate to in order to make their policies sound more attractive. It’s the deductible on the policy and by massaging this number they can bring down the monthly payments significantly. Since most people are only trying to save on their monthly expenses they never fully consider the implications of their payments. A low deductible may save you on your monthly premiums but it may cost you much more annually. Its important to look at any cheap health insurance plan from an annually point of view and look at how much it will cost you per year instead of how much it will cost you per month.

Often you get what you pay for, but if you are very diligent and do your research you can pick up some really good health insurance policies without blowing your budget completely.

Components Of A Health Insurance Plan

Not all health insurance policies are the same. In fact, it’s a bit like navigating through a maze when you start looking at all the options you have. Fortunately a lot of these policies are being standardised and with the heavy regulation of the government its becoming much easier for consumers like you and me to make an informed decision.

The real trick to buying health insurance is to balance the cost with the level of cover. Since we all have unique circumstances, its important to tailor your plan as tightly to your needs as possible. Not only will this save you money but it will probably serve you well when you do get to a point where serious illness or hospitalisation requires the maximum health cover.

With Medicare undergoing some serious changes the future is pretty unclear. One thing that is for certain though is that health care is changing and its likely to become privatised and shift the responsibility from the government to you.

Obviously you need to look very closely at the level of cover that your health insurance will provide you. This will determine how much you will have to pay out of your pocket whenever you do claim. This amount varies greatly between different policies, so make sure you read the fine print and if anything is unclear, ask before you buy into it as you wont be able to claim ignorance as a fault from your insurer.

Your out of pocket responsibilities and expenses is the biggest variable for any insurance policy. Don’t get seduced by the promise of low monthly premiums on your policy. Look at it long term and see what it will cost you annually. Co-pays and deductibles can easily be manipulated to adjust your monthly expenses but in the end it’s the annual costs and the costs when you do have to claim that will make all the difference in what it will really cost you.

If you have any pre-existing conditions you will almost certainly not be insured for it. Make sure you clarify what’s excluded if you do have any medical condition as it can often affect your cover on related illnesses.

Cheap Health Insurance Plan

If you are looking for a cheap health insurance plan then there are a few things you need to look out for. Its true that there are some insurance policies that sound ridiculously cheap on the surface, when you look at them more closely you may be shocked and surprised to see what you are really buying. The fact of the matter is that insurance companies are in it for the money and the more they can make the better for them.

When it comes to actually finding a cheap health insurance plan that’s really worth it, you will have to be very diligent in what you look for and you will have to read the fine print of your policy. There are a couple of things you need to look out for as it affect your choice of policy more than anything else.

1. Your Level Of Cover
The biggest distinction between health insurance plans are the level of cover they provide. From an insurers perspective it’s the risk they carry and in the world of insurance you pay for this “risk”. The more extensive the health cover the greater the risk for the insurer (they are more likely to have to pay you out). And the more expensive your premiums.

2. Deductibles
Most premiums have what is called a deductible and its basically your annual payment that you would have to carry before the insurance kicks in. The higher your deductible, the lower your premiums BUT you need to look at this from an annual perspective if you really want a cheap health insurance plan that is real value for money. Don’t be short-sighted and only look at how much it will cost you monthly. Look at it annually instead and see what your overall payments will be.

3. Co Pays
One very important factor you need to look at when assessing any cheap health insurance plan is the co-pays. These are the payments that you will be responsible for out-of-pocket. Its usually a percentage and usually it only applies to minor medical expenses like general check-ups and minor illnesses. Its really there to protect the insurer from people running to their doctor for every small illness as it forces you to pay a percentage of these costs.

What To Look For In Medical Insurance

Finding an affordable medical health insurance quote shouldn't be as daunting of a activity as it'd seem. The thing that most individuals realize is that health insurance itself may be reasonably priced for most individuals as long as you do it the right means and you realize exactly what to pay for.

Befuddled by all this? Let me explain it in a bit more detail...

The thing that most people do not seem to understand when they are searching for an inexpensive medical health insurance quote is that you should know exactly what's going to be included in that policy. You see, all medical health insurance will not be identical, there are some plans that provide substantially better protection than others do. Additionally, there might be variations within the quantities of protection on things equivalent to, long term care, hospitalization, ambulatory care ec.

Many people seem to be under the false impression that so long as they have a health care plan in place they're "okay" when something bad happens, however that is just not the case. Ignorance is not bliss! Many people are just shocked once they find out from their doctor that they have a severe illness. Usually these same individuals are in disbelief after they see that their coverage has limitations on certain types of treatments, or, in some cases, excludes these remedies entirely. Unfortunately, most people merely do not know what to look for once they're in the market for buying health insurance.

Right here are a few things that you could look for when you want get a cheap medical insurance quote:

1. The price of the plan. That is pretty apparent, but it surely's not all the time set in stone. Don't be afraid to call or e-mail the insurer to ask questions about the plans that they've got available. If they aren't available to answer your questions or if you happen to feel comfortable about the policy, don't just get it blindly. Shop around.

2. Don't expect to get protection for any pre-present conditions. The basic definition of the word "insurance coverage" means "to protect in case of an unforeseen event". This means that if you have already got a medical situation, such as most cancers, don't count on the insurance firm to pay for it. Its too big a risk and too big an expense for them.

3. Try and keep a higher deductible when you buy a new health plan. Yes, this can result in a higher out of pocket cost in the event of an unexpected sickness or injury, BUT it'll reduce your monthly premium payments significantly.  If you can barely make your insurance payments then, by re-elevating your deductible you can get insured. For those who can afford to, you need to at all times attempt to put away a number of dollars each month for co-pays, prescription prices and your deductible, if you happen to need it.

4. Always, always read the coverage exclusions. These are normally in the fine print on the back of your policy. This can let you know what the coverage does NOT cover. You'd be shocked at how many individuals don't read this after which they are stunned and angry when they discover they are not covered for something they thought they were.

5. Always, ask questions should you do not understand anything about the policy. The insurance firm works for YOU. They make commissions off of your premium payments. Folks like you are how they keep in enterprise, so do not be afraid of making them earn their money.